Clouds over Miami
She and the dinosaur exited the doomed plane at the same time, when it
exploded. The law of falling bodies states they fall at the same speed but the
dinosaur already closed in on earth, its scales not enough like heat shields
on spacecraft. She wore her show tutu which caught the drafts and rang her
gently in the clouds instead of the straight-on plunge of the brachiosaur.
What remained of her parachute formed an umbrella of petals. She splashed
down and swam to shore. The dinosaur had eaten its parachute shortly after
take-off, which is another reason they’re extinct.


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Art Speaks – paintings and poetry

Art Speaks is a collaboration between artist Mary Hatch and poet Elizabeth Kerlikowske as they explore the artistic relationships between visual and verse.

Mary sends Elizabeth two images, title-less; Elizabeth writes and returns. The title is shared only after the writing because that could be too influential. The titles frequently add another layer to the collaboration.

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Ekphrastic Art

The result is ekphrastic art, which uses some art form to comment/reflect/critique/expand upon another artistic piece. For example, Elizabeth’s poem “Beatrice on Stage” not only is a response to Mary’s painting but also references Shakespear’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” a comedy.” Knowing that adds another layer to the ekphrastic cake, which can be enjoyed without that too.

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