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Shelley Irwin interviews Elizabeth Kerlikowske and Mary Hatch for WGVU’s Morning Show. To listen to the podcast click here 



Encore  Southwest Michigan’s Magazine, “More than Meets the Eye. The subversive art of Mary Hatch.”, by Elizabeth Kerlikowske

Elizabeth Kerlikowske featured in a blog post by Linda Sienkiewicz.

Mary Hatch artwork profiled by MLIVE in an article by Simon Thalmann.


Zinta Aistars talks with Elizabeth and Mary about Art Speaks during her weekly literary show on books and writers called Between the Lines. Click here to hear the recording


“I love how the poems bring me back and forth into the work in a way that I might not have experienced otherwise. I’ve grown to love Mary’s work through Elizabeth’s words; they take me into each piece, like going through a doorway to a larger space filled with things I had not expected. My experience of her work has changed and I will appreciate it differently, more deeply. Usually, I have favorite pieces in a book of poetry but I love all of Elizabeth’s poems. And Mary is a genius at gesture, especially hands, what a master.”

Sydnee Peters, Instructor

Gwen Frostic School of Art

Western Michigan University

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